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Get Fit for Skiing Videos

Get Fit for Skiing Videos
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Simon’s super simple six-week ski-fit sessions

The ski season is almost upon us. So here’s a super simple six week ski-fit program that is easy to do, even if you’re time poor. These six simple exercises with help you increase strength in the muscles needed for skiing and train stability in your trunk and lower limb. Six times a week, or twice a week, you will feel the benefits from these exercises. Importantly, never feel any pain in your knees or lower back with any exercise regime. Technique is important, if you are unsure of your technique, take these exercises in to your physiotherapist so they can teach you specifically what you should be doing. One simple rule is ‘feel the exercise in your muscles, not your joints.’

Ready? Get Started.

These exercises are done best after a 10min walk, jog or bike ride, but if you don’t have time for that, just start the exercises at a smooth, slow and steady place and do your ‘dynamic warm-up’ as you go. Take it easy if you haven’t warmed up!

1. Ice Skater Bounds –  for knee and trunk stability

Bound sideways from leg to leg, ensuring that when you land, you land with a stable knee that is in a vertical line with your ankle, hip and trunk. Make it harder by bounding higher or travelling further sideways. 12x bounds to each side (24 in total).

2. 90-90 Hamstring bridge

Lay on your back with your feet up onto a bench, or sofa, or bed etc. Contract the muscles at the back of your thigh (your hamstrings) to lift your pelvis up off of the floor. Make sure your lower back feels safe. Really use your hamstrings by digging your heels into the bench. x15

3. Calf raises

An oldie but a goodie. Stand with the balls of your feet on a step. Slowly and smoothly raise up onto your toes and then drop your heels off of the back of the step. Repeat x15. Don’t rush! Feel the work-out in your calf muscle.

4. Swiss Ball Wall Squats


Grab some light weights. Place the swiss ball between the small of your back and the wall. Smoothly and steadily do your squats, ensuring that your feet are stable and the Swiss ball wont slide away from behind your back. This is a great way to train your squats while taking the pressure off of your back and knees. x20

5. Plank


Let’s go for maximum return for minimum time. That means contract your buttocks and abdominals hard for 5-10 seconds, then relax, then repeat. Don’t go for 5 minute holds. Go hard for short periods for maximal muscle recruitment, rather than just hanging on your joints for your stability. 2x10sec.

6. Side Plank +/- clam progression


Same deal here. Go hard for a short hold 5-20 seconds depending on how strong you are feeling. Ensure you do not get any lower back pain or shoulder pain with this one. Keep your pelvis high off of the ground and progress this exercise by moving your knees as far apart as possible while keeping your heels together. 1x15sec on each side.

Repeat these 6 exercises 3 times and…… your done.

Sure it could be harder, but you’d need to see your personal trainer for that.
This is good for home. If you’re not sure, ask your physiotherapist.

Get strong, enjoy your skiing.


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